Panic Room

Heat ! we are all feeling it, but this time, its not summer’s.

It’s the revolutions, coups, world financial crisis and maybe soon enough, collapses.

A funny yet might be true imagination of a “collapse” or breaking down, is George Carlin’s:

What would come to your mind then ? i would go for a fort, or some special protective room.. a Panic Room !
just few days ago i watched this movie again on the TV, triggered a lot of phobia thinking that comes to my mind every now and then.

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there, predicting WW III or talking about zombie apocalypse, and how to survive them, ranging from forts or panic rooms, planting your own vegetables and fruits, raising livestock to nuclear radiations surviving manuals !

For some people working outside their countries, they already own or in the process of purchasing a property in their home land,  a lot of my Indian colleges , are building houses and considering solar power, a government act that will pay 25% of the solar power equipment to encourage people to use it, but this is not possible in my home country, Welcome to Jordan!

Real estates of any kind are not affordable, unless you guarantee you can get your salary for the next 20 years,  and don’t forget the interest!

I’ll need like 3 long posts to describe what would my lovely panic room look like, but heh, where is that Brain 2 3D Holographs Streamer !

و ما كل المطالب بالتمني

[Original Date Written: July 11th 2012]


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