Consolidated.db to KML win converter: iPhone users -iOS 4- are Tracked !

Engadget submitted 4 days ago an article says that apple since the iOS 4 upgrade started storing all iPhone your movements into a file, although it’s not a GPS location data, its only Cellular network, CDMA network, & Wifi, it’s still pretty dangerous, specially when there is a time stamp for each point of existence recorded.

I’ve developed a small tool for windows users, who were able to get the consolidated.db file to converts it into .KML file to view their locations through Google Earth.

This tool is safe, its safer than previewing your history with time stamps online, i know there is already a french website for displaying it on Google Maps, but you upload the the whole thing, and you risk your self.

Enough chitchat let us go through the steps in how to do it:

1. You need Google Earth Installed, download & install Google Earth from here

2. Download iPhone backup extractor from here:

  • Extract the tool temporary directory
  • Run the tool, it will location the list of backups available on your computer, chose the latest backup
  • extract the file consolidated.db located in : Library/Caches/locationd/consolidated.db  to your Desktop
  • it will extract, the folder library, go inside the sub directory until you reach the .db file, move it to your desktop

3.  Download  Consolidated.db to KML Converter here:

  • Extract both files (.exe & .dll) files to your Desktop
  • run Consol2KML
  • Load the file consolidated.db
  • Click on Fetch
  • Click Extract, this probably take sometime, depends on the .db file size (number of locations stored)
  • Save the desired to . KML file

4. View .KML files in Google Earth, Enjoy revising your privacy !


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  1. Thanks for this Mesh! 🙂

  2. when i click “extract”, after the extracting cell data, start the “extracting cdma data”… and the program make an error

    (i have an iphone 3g)

  3. maybe the 3G is not having CDMA data, i will edit the program and update you.

    thank you for your feed back

  4. can you please specify the error ?

  5. I get an error too. This is what I get when I try to export to KML. I took a screenshot and put it on Flickr:

  6. Hello Jermey,

    the error you posted, it belongs to iPhone Backup Extractor, this tool used just to extract the .db file first, i didn’t develop that, i just made the .db to KML converter.

    anyway, try to run the iphone backup extractor with Administrative priviliges, i’ve ran it in Windows 7 & XP with no issues.

    best of luck

  7. Hey, Mesh, did you update the program to accommodate consolidated.db files with no CDMA-data? I’m getting the same error, “No such table, CDMACellLocation” plus the sql select statement.


  8. Is there time data in KML-file? As I can see, there are only longitude and altitude in KML, without timestamps.

    It would be great to get time-linked points to view track, not only places.

  9. Kitzemer, it seems the file you have don’t have the CDMA data, i will adjust the program to individually select data

    Mik: i am working on it, the time stamp is freakin apple format, need math to do the math 🙂

  10. Kimzter & Andrix

    now CDMA extract is optional, it shouldn’t give any error now.

  11. Hi,

    I’m one of the authors of the iPhone Backup Extractor. Thanks for mentioning our software! We’ve just released an updated version which can directly extract the location data to CSV or KML data, and it’ll work with both US iPhones (which use CDMA) and non-US iPhones (which use GSM)

    Although the free version says it’s limited to only a single file, we’ve chosen not to restrict location data in this way – you can use the free version to extract all the location data you want without limitation.

    If anyone has any feedback then it’s always welcome!


  12. Awesome, Mesh, works like a charm!
    Thanks! 🙂

  13. Works great, but its hard to look at and see what is what without the dates and time of the entries. FYI. I can’t see what is new and what is old

  14. Bug report:

    I have an iPhone 3G, the error came up when “CDMA Data” was checked.

    Best regards, and THX very much 🙂

  15. i have the same problem like tom.what i need to do?thanks

  16. Will this help me pull records of my location for a certain date and time? I need to prove where I was for an insurance claim. I was involved in an accident and the other driver is not telling the truth. My iPhone location would bring the truth to light. I just need to know how to access and read the information.

  17. a pity i think IOS 5 has removed this tracking as far as i know, another issue is the tool i created will plot the location only with no time.

    i think there is away to plot everything using google tables

  18. Can you help me with that tool you created? Will that help me out? Anything you can help me with would be greatly appreciated. I still plan on seeing if the consolidated.db files are there and accessible when I get home with my phone. I have never had to access them.

  19. Hey there – is this working with IO6 – I have some problems with it.

  20. if anyone is interested, please send me your files consolidated.db and the version of ios on my email i will try to modify the program accordingly, submit a comment to confirm you sent, so the email might go to junk..

    privacy is guaranteed

  21. i failed to view it my file consolidated.db my ios is 6.1.3 please help

  22. Can you please send me the cons.db file i would check it out

  23. please find it is attached



  24. Hi mate,

    Cheers for the post, I am unable to view my consolidated.db file. i am on ios7.0.4. Is it possible to send it across? I have attached it in an email


  25. matt,

    apparently Apple is not storing those kind of information anymore on the consolidated.db file, not sure f they are storing it somewhere else. you can use an “SQLite” explorer or browser to open the database and check the tables your self, if it happened and contained a coordinates of any kind, i’ll be glad to help you extract them into a .KML

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