We came to this world alone, and alone we will leave it,

I don’t know shall i welcome 2011 ?

Or shall i give it the middle ?!

Am i having a brainstorm ?

Why can’t i solve this riddle ?!

Drink Red Bull all you thou..

Not to itch your mind,

Neither fix you blind,

Just to push you harder; donkey slaves..

To serve Masters Elites controlling world,

From Nestle Owner to Adidas Maker;

Serving The Master of Puppets.


Fuck it All Watching Eye, keep watching me..

Your wasting your fucken time..

Why are you afraid of me ?

I Ain’t use to you..

I Am Already Serving You..


My Master !

Am you obedient slave !

Keep the food on my table

For that shall i keep serving you..

Sir !

Happy new year..



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