Barca VS Real

الى عشاق الريال و البرشه ..تاكلوا راسنا للسنه الجاي مثلا؟

It’s impressive and at the same time disappointing to see how much this barca-real football thingy consumes (actually waste IMHO) our time, regardless was it watching the game itself (around 100 mins which is reasonable) or spending the whole next 7 days some times 1 month or maybe up to the next coming tournament blabbering, whining and teasing about it.

Not to forgot those High IQ people misusing Microsoft Paint to produce a low quality, lousy, lacks the design type of cartoons just to mock the other party.

But not spending a quarter of that time utilizing it for more efficient manner? Good God! at least recalling how we once conquered that country that we cannot make a local (or if dreams come true Arab) -at least- football team that could match their abilities, don’t let me get started with sciences and industries..

I know you’ve all have heard this very same cliche again and again, its just “men bab fathakker”..,

Just a distinct opinion, no hard feelings involved.


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