I watch in glare

My life that’ll flare

Loser’s smile

Upon my face

A sweaty look

Towards the sky

Have I  lost faith ?

In his grace ?


Confused and errant

The meek these days

Like an innocent child

In Satan’s maze

Wrecked and tiered;

Kneeling on knees;

Can’t held my breath;

Can’t even breath;

With frozen limbs

Can’t shake or move

Laying down ..

In a grave of  grooves.


In this upside down world

Where liar is honest and honest is liar

I pack the virtuous ecstasy in vain

With a marred face of  pale plain

Enough ‘well’ said they are all the same

Contraindicate everything by senses they gain

Injecting it preternaturally maliciously  into our veins

Again and again;  in random bursts of pain..


ESTATIC FEAR you’ve said it all
in passionate words that call my soul

there’s no true love,
they all crawl

by silliest thing they’ll  find  excuse
they’ll  fuck your spirit,
they relax and snooze,
take adequate ruse
for your heart abuse

so here i stop; write no more lines
for that Estatic I’ll quote your shrine:

“The feeble leafs decline,
Enshrined in downing deep
The mourn abandoned plains,
Laid down in sombre sleep
Misty shades engulf the sky
Like past, worn memories
The bird’s song fills the whispering breeze
With autumns melody

The lunar pale grim shape
At evening’s sight renews
It’s silented wail relieves
Repressed thoughts anew
I hear the lonesome choir
Of fortunes past my way
Disdained in fiery weeps
Throughout my every day
These skies I hail and treasure thee,
Most pleasant misery
Not pities thorn I shelter thine
Mysterious harmony

Draw on most pleasant night
Shade my lorn exposed sight
For my grief’s when shadows told
Shall be eased in mist enfold
Why should the foolish’s hope
Thy unborn passioned cry
Exhaust unheard
Beneath this pleasent sky?
For if the dusking day declined
Could delight be far behind?”



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