Feeling 80’s

yesterday (Friday) April 23d i had to go to work from 7 am, we had a shutdown at one subcenter where oil gathers from various surrounding wells to that subcenter, we are working on loop checking for instruments on the field, the PLC controlling/Reading from those instruments, and SCADA systems monitoring/controlling them.

it’s been chaos, with or without intention, we had to work late for several weeks, so cope with deadlines and not to delay things more, i decided to fix few issues on some new HMI that will interface with the PLC.

El mohem (back to main story), i left at 11, the gas flares where lighting the whole field, once i left the office i heard dogs behind me while am driving, it was so dark, that i spent 10 minutes spinning around myself, in roads that doesn’t take 30 sec at morning.

while driving back, i felt am in 80’s, due to many reasons, not to mention the place from where i refueled my car after being afraid enha tegta3ni, reasons:

1. Switched the radio to AM Quran Abdulbaset Abdulsamad, the noise in the radio, static, and external interference tones that makes the sound fades and comes back in waves made me really into the 80..

2. The desert environment, old trucks, old 2 sided road, camels, junk cars on the sides, old n rusty stop signs.

3. The sandblasted front window of car by sand storms, makes vision blurry, and fades the colors into the 80’s

4. The place where i refueled the car, it was on a hill that overlooks Ahmadi refinary, the amazing industrial look of it and the port shift me to 80’s,

5. Memory flash backs of Kuwait abandoned spaces.

Although that the feeling i had was wired, i admit that i enjoyed and i tried to be in the mood as much as i can, its something strange, like going back in time, or living in your own world, maybe am trying to escape and shift from reality, or maybe i would love to live in any age but mine…

I think Wafra has really started to have an influence on me..


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  1. what an a^s^s hole u r indeed

  2. u welcome

  3. هيثم الشيشاني Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Good inf. :), I can tell u that 😀
    This was nice to read.


  4. Wow, there are very nice images too! I enjoyed this, its funny reminiscing. Ahhh the smell of the Gulf! 😀

  5. I love your writing style, mashalla.. well written

    Love the pictures as well stunning!

  6. r u gay?
    just wondered

  7. Seems like a nice experience! (well … excluding the mess at work I guess)

    The human brain links experiences to stimulus from the senses (conditioning); it’s an amazing capability that usually goes unnoticed because we’re so used to it. In analogy to computers, it’s like your brain keeps numerous associative caches linking levels of stimulus to various recollections and moments of your past.

    In my brain, the pictures and description you’ve given point to something a bit different though … The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! 😐

  8. Kuwait still has a lot of 80s leftovers.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Wafra.

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