Places & Spaces..

I remember my university back in Amman was 13.5 KM away from home, that sensed so far ! and it really was ! taking into consideration the asymmetrically distributed – full of patches n holes – semi paved road through Amman – Zarqa highway, indeed it took me 45 minutes by transportation minimum of 20 minutes by my car there.

Today i refuled the car aw the Wafra oil field gate, reset the daily meter, and played the ipod on Dido, i was amused that after the 2nd track, i had already passed 16.5 KM..

Its strange how in different places, you have different feeling of spaces (as distances), the whole measurements differs..


Posted on April 13, 2010, in Kuwait, Work. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. i can’t agree more “Its strange how in diff …”.

    just found this page, i liked already., (through

    i’ll spend sometime here “aba7besh” 😀 …

    going to wafra isn’t it a pleasent meshwar 😀 ? … for me going to Mina Al-Ahmadi .. is more than enough .. 😀 …

  2. hey, am glad you liked it 😉 enjoy your stay,

    though its not a decent blog, (sorry for always seeking perfection -bad habit-), but at least i can unleash some of my brainstorms here which is good 🙂

  3. The whole measurmnt difrz indeEd.!
    I can sns tht now m n KSA, in mr lvlz thn 1 :).


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