A pity day..

I feel pity,  some times i pity my self, most of the times i pity people, and some times the sands of time hour glass goes flipped, and i pity my self more than people..

The type of people am talking about, are mmmm simple people.. people who don’t use their brain a lot, technically, academically, scientifically.. in all aspects..

At this moment, am using my brain socially-technically while writing this , am sitting at a sofa at the community service center (مركز خدمة المجتمع‎)‎ in Kuwait university, mmm i truly feel embarrassed of why i came here, i delivered 2 visit reports of maintaining computer labs for the Kuwait university, preparing them to ‘C-I-DI-T’* exam, an ICDL like exam provided by our company, approved and stamped -the certificate- by Cambridge University.

The guy with me from the Cambridge department is explaining some ‘ complex ‘ or ‘ artificially complex ‘ – that could be simpler IMHO- procedure  of registering students online and assigning sessions in order to take the exam..

I pity my self, gaining simple trivial shared income for doing the trivial stupid maintenance for labs computer (splash kbeer), and for the people (Kuwaiti employees) who are having headache learning The Art of Sciences of Registering Students for C-I-DI-T (ASRS C-I-DI-T). – Am mocking here, there is no such acronym.

I also pity students taking the exam, trivial exam (at least for a computer engineer and BTW i ain’t proud of it anymore as before), those people are thinking they are gaining a certificate which has its weight in the market, lol guys, 6th grade kid can do and knows more than these certificate holder..

I know this might be similar to me, taking a first aid course while a 20 years experienced surgeon or at least student studying medicine in year 4 is standing up there and watching me while am concentrating on gaining critical information that one day.. may save someones life who is or not dear to me.

BUT ! (back to the exams here)
Giving facts like: the questions is formed by one of our employees, the examination application is programmed by our programmers.

And the facts that:
Easy redundant unclear questions written in Arabic (have severe mistakes when translated to English), full of bugs, not well structured and engineered  .net based exam application, an unprofessional work, that makes me feel unprofessional, and i already perform that trivial stupid software installation and maintenance jobs for this.. I couldn’t be more disappoint ing/ed than this, this is the limit.. But i wonder if my mind can shrink ‘shrinker’ than it did already.

I don’t think i  made a bigger mistake than working in this company, i do not also deny gaining experience, but the experience quantity i took is tiny compared to the stupidity doses (from employees & customers) around am forced to drink with every disgusting cup of tea i drink every morning in this office, where tea is sour without squeezing a lemons.. And might be chargeable..

My mind is distracted and i already forget a few points to mention to make the topic complete

I am not God watching everything from top above and judge, am just a normal being -wonder if humanity still exist in this world- who is trying to give his opinion/judge with all available information and observations

Great people once admired me ( a teacher, a manager, a shaikh, family  and friends), when i was a kid, and even when i graduated.. Admired my mind (intelligence, keenness,thinking out of the box, etc), my personality, and other things,  i was proud of that, proud of testimonies said about me being professional and unique, and i would be ‘something’ in the future, that it turned out am doing things to WoW people (well, not always true) while my friend told me once i should do it for my self, i think the proper thing is that it should be to challenge my self.

30 minutes passed and (ASRS C-I-DI-T) didn’t finish yet (mocking again), and with each Nano second passes i lose 2 brain cells, one because am over 20, the other because of the stupidity environment/atmosphere i live in and breath it , it took them that long that i even went through this topic more than once to add and tweak (that’s my chaos way of finalizing things, revising more than once, sorry for seeking perfection)

It seems the world i hope .. Ok i mean i wish to live in, exists only in my tremendous huge imagination, with the wasted creative talented keen mind power in slumber sleep i have, i pray and  wait for a savior to wake it up,tackle it, enchanted it with extra well structured cutting edge knowledge after defragmenting the one i already have and patching the holes of missing/incorrect segments.

Till that savior shows up.. F1, Enter, /pity,
I Pity my self

Oh shoot, I’ve been asked to go ‘observe’ the examination lab..
Am sure i will be asked if some error message appeared, just now some send/don’t send error appeared.. What the heck am supposed to do ? Disassemble that in winice, adjust  the assembly code and then reassemble  ? I can barely recall c++ syntax..

Am freaking rofl the students are scared to  death of the exam.. The exam that mostly uses almost notepad in its ‘windows and manage file test’


*C-I-DI-T: The Original Acronym is Dash-Del(Backspace) inverted for stealth purposes.


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  1. ouch, hope that day got better eventually….it sounded as bottom of the bowl

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