Amman..Maps..Finally !

I was reading as usual where I found my self at suddenly (which is a brillient blog) mentioning some ever going in Jordan regarding ..hmmm what wa that open creative something (am sure I mixed things up) talking about creativity in collaboration working Mozilla.

And I found my self clicking on Jordan IT industry link (was curious what that was) ended up in post announcing finally, Nokia GPS maps for Jordan/Amman

The interesting thing is that Google earth/maps also have detailed maps of Amma too, seems they are all having it from the same source (national geographic center whom I begged for a map in my senior project.

I took a screen shot of google maps in my itouch, showing the name of the two surrounding streets MISSED SPELLED.

Didn’t checked the new ovi maps of nokia, hopefuly they have the correct name.

All on all, great government move to facilitate it, it’s for the benifit of the country.


for sure you can do it your self, you’ll need the following:

1. Nokia Mobile phone with GPS support

2. Download Latest version Nokia PC Suit & install it

3. Download Latest Version Nokia Software updater & intsll it

4. Download Latest Version of Nokia Maps application (new name is OVI Maps) and the Nokia Map Loader & install them

i personally prefer to perform a software update for the phone it self (its called Firmware update) just to make sure to that your phone is stable and bug free, if it’s already the latest version, i prefer hard resetting (Format) your phone either:

*#7780# This method is called RESTORE ORIGINAL SETTINGS.

*#7370# ” is a method for SOFT FORMAT

* + 3 + green call button and power on button…simultaneously press and hold , that is HARD FORMAT.

5. connect your mobile phone and let PC Suit recognize it.

6. install Nokia OVI Maps applications, if it wasn’t updated with the firmware (Version 3)

7. IMPORTANT: Run the Nokia OVI MAPS at least once, so it creates some cache files on the memory card

8. Run Nokia Maploader, Go to Asia, press the + beside Jordan and click on download

9. you are ready to go !

** GPS IS FREE: you can download the maps, locate you self on the map, perform and show routing  between points for free, Nokia Charges for the Voice Guided Navigation which is almost used why your driving a car.

i don’t actually need it, once i locate my self and know the 2 streets that surrounds me, I’ll deal with the rest.


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