IDC @ Raddison Blu – Al-Hashemi Hall

They’ve been buzzing me since late August about it, my mobile rang, and i saw a +971 xxxxxxx number, my mind went far, so i picked up the call to verify, it was an Asian voice, recognized that by the pattern: “Good Mooorniinggg  SAaaaaaaiiiir !”

After they’ve been sure that i am the IT Guy in my company, I’ve got an invitation to the IDC Conference, i thought its an interesting one, well maybe to some, but to me it was boring ..

So am not writing about the conference no, conference was about few things: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, ways to utilize your IT infrastructure in this financial crisis, where initiatives to new projects were diminished.

In Addition to some ERP system by Epicor, and how IBM used their technologies to build some solid critical system like SADAD in KSA, nothing else were interesting..

The interesting there actually was the venue where the conference was held,  Radisson SAS ( or Radisson BLU) is a known hotel, but Al-Hashemi Hall in kuwait ? never expected such a name, i would expect that in jordan..

Back before i parked my car, after getting the directions from security men, parked -hell of a park there where n place to park-, asked another security men where to go, i saw a dry dock and a big ship, a very big ship actually that my neck was about to snap by the wide azimuth my head elevated to see the end of its sail.

So i went to the elevator and went to the hall entrance, i was like OMG.. this is like a palace! A huge windows with sun rays gently coming in, i sighed .. and smiled. They started breakfast already.. Tea, coffee, Milk and Various refreshing juices, the sounds of glass crackles of plates and cups, and the over all smell of cookies and sandwiches;  my smile went bigger and the appetite meter maxed out.

The second hall door looked familiar to me, its like from Pirates of the Caribbeans, once i entered the door, it was dark the data show was already on.

Holy Doly ! , am inside A SHIP !

It was the same ship i saw before, the ship was joint with the building from both sides, that hall with breakfast was the building from one side..

First time to see a really amusing thing in Kuwait, wish my wedding would be there lol

Ship from the out side

Some kind of Balcony yard while coffee break ! (see how tiny the guy comparing to it)

Ship Back

Art Piece

While constructing

Cannon Aiming to Salmeyyah - KaBBBOm !

Note the ashtray beside it 😛 it seems it meant a smoker to fire the fuse !

Video while Coffee Break :


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  1. nice placeeeee..walla bjanen almkan…

  2. yep i was really amazed by it 🙂

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