The Peak of Being Down

..So i was reading tomshardware as i’ve got used to do everyday alright.. some news said something about blizzard will force WoW players to log-in through, i quiet didn’t get the idea, so i went to, and when i went there, i saw the news saying check Blizzard’s new website, i went there.. and as usual my eyes fell on the Job Advertise of Blizzard titled as “Blizzard is Hiring”.. i know what you are going to say, yes i did it along time ago, i was over enthusiastic, and applied there, sure no need to display results.. am still in Kuwait..

But there was something new their job search section.. A Gallery ! Pictures taken at Blizzard Complex and within The Blue’s hides.., this could be a second Google, i cursed my luck a hundred times, or maybe i should  have to curse my brain powers..

Let’s start with Orc’s Statue in front of one of their buildings.. man.. that’s awesome ! Baby foot, Billiards ,Pingpong, a Gym, a Beach ! Game consoles..when we would have such jobs ? -bel loo loo, i gave the Link to an LG employee who works in jordan, guess what, the site is blocked, with an error message of :

“Now LG Electronics needs your hands for Global top 3”

LG Electronics restricts access of this web site for 24 hours

I guess we got a winner, there is a company in jordan (Foreign administration for sure) who does care about their employees not to escape from their current job (I respect LG for that), because they simply picked them right, and don’t wanna lose them, so blizzard did..I’ll leave you with the Pictures:

Blizzards Entrance

Blizzard's Entrance

Blizzards Big building

Blizzard's Big building

Front Side

Front Side

Orc Statue

Orc Statue



what seems to be a cafeteria

what seems to be a cafeteria

One of the notes i have on these pictures is, i mean look at their entertainment toys! the baby foot tables, the billiard, they might not be fancy, but their of the top quality am sure, well why not ?! , Blizzard is an entertainment company them selves and theydevelop high end entertaining games… they should do this to their employees..

Seyaset al Rafe3 wo el Tashjee3 (The pushing encouragement and stimulating policy name if you want), the more you give your employee, the more he/she gives you in return, that’s whats in the modern countries (and people who uses their brains).

On the other hand, Arab countries, follows Seyaset el Da3es wo el Tatfeesh* (The Stepping on the employee’s head and Ignoring -didn’t find a meaning of tatfeesh-), the more ebted3as 3aras el mowazzaf, the more you step on their heads, insult them, scare them with firing and hiring people with lower salaries,  maximizing working hours, jokering employees (All-in-one employee who does other wasta employees work), to get the MAX Productivity out of your employees.

Another new interesting policy introduced recently after the economic crisis, [which is to me another 6a6feesh** policy], is the policy where the employer/company pulls out/withdraws all the profitable Privileges that was given to the employee in the name of : abstinence/abstention/austerity policy (aka Taqasshof or Ta5feed Al nafaaqat).

SURE, you have to OverClock the Employee, to work more/faster to cover the managers highest salaries, bonuses and financial mistakes…

Taking a last look at blizzards pictures, and simply comparing them to the company i work for..I take a big Sigh, this is the Peak of Being Down -career wise-, specially when do a joker job, to do stuff at work which is NOT in your CONTRACT!

*+** TATFEESH or 6a6feesh: actions done to someone ( in this case an employee) and put him under pressure and turn his working environment into hell, and doing what possible to have him sign his resignation.

* i loved the word overclocking an employee, i don’t personally know from where the heck that came to my mind !


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  1. Chill dude, everyone is in the same boat as you 🙂 (I initially wanted to place a sad smiley in here, but I don’t want to let you feel down even more)

    I’m quite hating my job right now, I’m sick of writing code for a platform I have no passion for, working for Blizzard has been my dream ever since I used to play Warcraft 2 and Starcraft back in the day, any programmer with love for video games dreams about this, but instead we’re all probably writing our one millionth boring GIS extension or e-finance website or whatever your luck got you, maybe one day things will get better.

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