A Fresh install of Windows XP SP3

While most people still working on at least a Service Pack 2 of windows (SP2, as most of computer shops these days still reinstall windows with the SP2 Disc, and i rarely saw SP1 or no SP), many still didn’t recognize that there is a Service Pack 3 currently, actually I’ve read somewhere that the SP3 update increased Windows XP Performance by 10%.

And believe it or not, even if you install a fresh copy of XP SP3, you’ll get like around another 60 windows updates, hardware updates included.

XP Updates after SP3

XP Updates after SP3

while Microsoft extended the support of windows XP till 2012, one question comes to mind..
Is SP4 on the way ?


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  1. SP4 would be a timed bomb if not advertised correctly. I’ve been reading this blog for a time now and i like it.

  2. Hey Moe, am glad you like the blog 🙂

    do you mean SP4 a timed bomb as Windows 7 is about to be launched ?

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