What is this place ?

Hot tea, a cozy sofa, Air Conditioned room, huge – floor to top – glass windows, soft drinks, coffee, couple of video game machines, LCD TV’s and high speed internet connection… What is that place ?

-Answer: coffee shops.

-Wrong answer!, A Kuwaiti car wash station !

Kuwait broke the rules, aside from coffee shops that has simple video game machines, this car wash station forgot to bring a billiard table !

LCD’s around room to watch your car while being washed, through cameras if it was in a blind spot, but am actually watching directly through a huge glass wall (its not actually windows), having a cup of tea and of course writing this post..

Luxury in kuwaiti car wash stations - fantastic ! just what i need ! lol

Luxury in kuwaiti car wash stations - fantastic ! just what i need ! lol

Damn luxury ! a pity, luxury in Kuwait is NOT for everyone and NOT everywhere…

While some other people are sitting on the planting pots ordering workers where to Exactly clean (obviously everybody wanna do that..) i preferred relaxing above on the sofa n watch my car away and write this.

Simple thing make our life easier..

Few things they provide your car after  a car wash, so simple, but to me ? its innovation !

1. Da33aseh Container: they simply put your car’s da33aseh in a plastic bag, just think about it, you wanna ride your car after a car wash, water and dirt is all over the place, you’ll screw the already cleaned da33asat with your wet shoes.. what is the solution then ? Da33aseh Container !

Da33aseh container !

Da33aseh container !

2.  The 2 Layer Plastic Bag: ever heard the say “two bladed sword” ? That is the what the 2 Layer Plastic Bag is..

Question #1:  how hard is it to keep a packet of kleenex (aka fine) in your car ? its so hard right ? and even though you had one, and you slopped a liquid in your car and you are scared to death not to screw your dad’s or mom’s car seats with you or your friend’s drinks,  whats your delay in nano seconds to get that tissue from there ? whats the probability that the drink won’t come out the car exhaust while trying ?

Okay.. so you had one of those latest technolog and you stopped the cup bleed..where are you going to dump it ? specially if you were driving ?

– ashtray is full, or you are non-smoker and its filled with coins.. now what ?

Viola ! The 2 Layer Plastic Bag !  One side is Kleenex pack, the other is a trash bag ! how simple is that ? yet smart isn’t it ?..pic speak it self..

The Two Bladed Sword (diff. than Two handed Weapon :P)

The Two Bladed Sword (diff. than Two handed Weapon :P)

Sure thing Tissues won’t mix with the garbage, they are two separate plastic bags, attached together n hanged on the left steering’s arm.


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  1. mn a7la al2shya elle ana 2retlk yaha lhll2… 7bbet awl soora , the way you took the pic… zawyet altasweer :p…7bbet kman al d33aseh container.. (33 shaddeh afhm mn heek 😛 ) w 7bbet al creativity …ta3t ald33aseh container 🙂 …. go ahead… nice blog …

  2. what about The 2 Layer Plastic Bag ?

    & thank you 🙂 am glad you like my blog !

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