B.C Technology

I exagerated by saying B.C, but this is actually what came to my mind, while our office boy showed me some stuff asking me to keep it or not..

its the first time i saw a device that shares a 56Kb Connection Via LAN Switch, i mean in that time (B.C) such a bandwidth considered .. ‘ sharable ‘ , i was like : waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal, who shares a speed of 56Kb ?

واللي زاد الطين بلّة

i saw another  hub device, a HUB !, 8 Port HUB, with the word ‘ collision ‘ Printed on the front panel with 2 LED’s !


56Kb Modem & HUB

56Kb Modem & HUB

Back Side

Back Side


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