Summer Jam

On Ksa highways, reg32i, hafer al batin, raf7a, 3ar3ar, tareef, grayyat, me and my brother were driving my Altima 2005 with avg. speed of 190 km/h with other 2 cars of our freinds, a non forgetable road trip (of course not like the one i wished for lol anyway) making our way from kuwait to jordan, hoping a wonderful, refreshing fun summer vacation..

Am writing this while am in Gusti, a well known icecream n coffe shop in rabyeh, waiting for my hardworker friend who is the casher of the shop, who is also going to get marreid this month, july 26th. Wish you a happy marrige Maher =)

In addition to the already before us in amman cousins, am going to pick up some more from the airport later this night, and tomorrow getting dad and sis from (the bridge) aka al jeser,jeser el malk hussien, allenby bridge, reminding me of a series of hell days i spent stuck in that darned place.

Even though i came from kuwait to jordan for summer vacation, and i am treated by some people as a foreigner or guest (specially gum guys at traffic lights because of kuwaiti car plate), but by family and cousins am still the ammani guy: roo7 jeeb wo waddi wo kob el zbaleh wo ro7 3al mekaniki, wo soog el 5odra and so on.

Alot to say actually, things changes alot in amman, one of them is tche tche in rainbow street !

Alot to come (suppose to).

Logging off (Nokia E90)


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  1. Thanks for deleting that post 🙂

  2. am impressed you checked my blog again 🙂

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