Nokia E97 Fan Concept – Nokia E97 ‘Envelop’

well, am speachless, am really amazed.

i would love to have such an e-jewel.

Symbian Freak –

Concept Phone Of The Future
Nokia E97 ‘Envelop’ by Fabien Nauroy

Nokia E97 ‘Envelop’A young design student Fabien Nauroy from the Creapole ESDI, creation and management school in Paris, France has managed to came up with an awesome phone concept that smashes together eye catching design, beautiful style and the innovative form factor combined with supreme functionality and is a real pleasure to look at.

It seems that Fabien has the imagination that most of the famous Nokia’s designers are looking for!

Nokia E97 ‘Envelop’ look gorgeous and is revolutionary enough to shock and change the whole Smartphone world, change our perception of the mobile phones and increase exceptions, simply awesome creation!

It is hard to define this form factor but it features the outer QWERTY keyboard and the basic monochrome OLED display supported with a side sliding tear-off high-definition AMOLED widescreen.

In a matter of fact, this secret pull-out main display is what makes Envelop’ attractive and what should make consumer desire this product! Screen is detachable and has its own power and memory so it can be used as a digital photo frame, movie screen, internet tablet or e-book reader for example.

Both the style and functions are equally important when you are working on a new device and this concept Eseries communicator combines this two worlds into one and it will be definitely fun to play with!


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