Microzeft’s way..

*You like the new windows live messenger ? (Version 9) great !

** You Don’t Like the new windows live messenger ? you still stick with 8.5 version ? we are gonna make you like the new one.

simply, the new email notifier won’t work any more till you upgrade to the brand new shiny polished smoozy snixy heavy bugg windows live messenger, where you’r gonna keep shaking your head because you don’t believe that the display picture are now to the left..

It’s been there since 2002 God damnt it , why change it to the left ??!?!

any good reason ? please tell me !!!


Posted on May 18, 2009, in Computers. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Haha .. yes, Microzeft’s way.

    You know what, since I don’t use Windows .. what do I care, just go aMSN 😉


    Yes it is open source & yes there is a Windows version.
    But, some features might be missing or might not work properly, i.e: File sharing & Arabic font. (The Arabic fonts are displayed backwards due to the development kit being used by the aMSN project, which doesn’t seem to support Arabic)

    Even though, I’ve been using it for months & it’s working fine & I’m very satisfied with it. I’ve only noticed the Microsoft’s update .. sorry Microzeft’s update when I once booted into Windows to play some games & tried to sign in to MSN.

    Though the real question is .. why are we still using MSN anyways? xD

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