3al Kondara ! – ( On Shoe ! )

3al Kondara, is what came to my mind while am working, the company i work  in, is moving to a new building, and as i am the only IT Person, am responsible for IT A-Z stuff, including supervising on the new building’s infrastructure, and patch the holes job.

one of the holes, there were no MDF for the building where cables should be terminated, as i am a newbie in cabling, i thought that the PBX Operator guys who is going to install it (Ericsson Operator) they should do the cabling thingy..

the problem started when the Reigonal office of  TAG-Org – Communication department told me to tell the electriction to lay a 3 cables each of which is 100 pair telephone cable inside, from each floor down to the server room.

end of story, to not interrupt work, i had to termenate those cables on the patch panels, and the MDF too..

3 Cables : each has 100 Pair, Color Coded, imagine you have to distinguish between Red, and Red dotted with BROWN !

group each bunch of 5 pairs : Green, Gray, Orange, Blue , Brown with a common color cable ..  @!R^%^&$% IT !


3al Kondara !

3al Kondarah !


Posted on March 23, 2009, in Computers, Geekz. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. 3al KONDARA 😀

    btw man emta nawe testakeel?

  2. bas allah yorzogni ebshoghol a7san man..

    el 7amdulellah 3la kol 7al !

  3. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    So, how is the new building? 😉

  4. the funny thing is, we stayed a month and half in that building, and after that, we were asked by “higher managment” from amman HO to leave the country because the rent was so high !

    my hard work gone to waste, and no @#$% was given at that day, and when i quit, i didn’t receive any kind of appreciation letter even..

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