Jaikoz Audio Tagger.. The Music Organizer !

Jaikoz Audio Tagger  is a respected -worth to pay- software, i’ve been looking on such a software for a long time..

Its all started when i first saw Tunatic back in 2006, i was amazed by not the idea of it – as am a computer engineer- but by the huge database of Music patterns they have for each song..

I was thinking, why not there is an automatic Tunatic program, that you browse a song and make it listen to it, (using windows stearo mix instead of microphone), and it fetches it’s title, artist, album, year, and album artwork too.., and save the file in the desired rename formate , artist-title or title – artist , and so on .. mmm aaaaaand yea i want it to organize all artist in one folder and inside that artist i want each album on a seperate folder.. so i can easly upload them to my ipod and have no -pain in the ass- to find and play one song..

Guess what ? its already there, Jaikoz Audio Tagger do it all for ya , for only 15 GBP which in my current currency 6.5 KD, its nothing ..

you open the program, you add your music folder, you right click on a song and click Auto Correct, and its all done.

you can try a free tiral version for 30 days, the limitations is that after 20 song correction you have to restart the application.

other limitation on the program is that the Database has only like 7,000,000 songs onlyl, comparing to it’s compititor : TunUP Companion which has like 90,000,000 million songs in thier database, TuneUP which is formed as a plugin in iTunes, can even detect Fairouz and Zeyad Rahabni songs..

why do i respect this software ?

1. so far, i’ve didnt see any crack for it.

2. its cross platform, working on windows (up to vista), Mac OSx, Linux..

3. its made by only one guy called paul.

so, as a previous programmer , i really feel this guy, so i purchased the product instead of cracking it xD

here is a screenshot :


its also interesting to note that, the database that this program uses, is for free.. u can creat your own program to fetch songs, there is already one called magic tagger, but i’ve tried it and i dont think its effecient like Jaikoz.


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